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Who we are

I established Independent compressor services in  2013.  as time went on and the company grew, i decided i had to establish what kind of company we were going to become.  I want independent compressor services to be different and i am going to build it my way.  We are getting back to basics and that means servicing the customer.  we are only going to work with high quality manufactures who sell parts and equipment that i can stand behind.  when you purchase equipment from independent compressor, i guarantee that our equipment is among the best in the industry.  I would rather lose a sale, than sell a piece of inferior equipment.  When you call us out for service, my service technicians are going to be highly trained and professional.  My service technicians are not salesmen and are never offered incentives to push products you may not want or need!  When you choose us to be your service provider, you are getting a partner in your company.  We are local and we are available.  when you need answers, you can find us.  When i say we are getting back to basics this is what I mean.  We may not be perfect all the time, but we strive everyday to be better.



Bob Cerros 

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