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A Bit About Us

Our Story

There was a time when a mans handshake was his word.  His word meant as much to him as it did to you.  My name is Bob Cerros and I started Independent Compressor Services in 2013.  I worked for several Compressed Air Companies in the Chicago area.  I was a highly skilled technician and well respected among my coworkers.  I started this company because I wanted to build something different.  I wanted to get back to basics.  I got tired of seeing customers routinely get ripped off by paying for service that was unnecessary, or parts that could have and should have been sold much cheaper.  As technicians, we were encouraged to sell products that were not necessary and often inferior.  This went against my beliefs, so I set out to build what I thought was right.  Independent Compressor Services is and always will be a company that stands for integrity.  You have my word, that when you work with us, we will be honest, fair, and most importantly, get the job done.